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When I purchased The Asylum, I declared that it was absolutely perfect as it was, there was no need to change a thing. Um, except this one little thing and that one little thing.

Do you know what happens when you casually mention to my father that you (ok, only if YOU are me, his most precious favorite and only child) would like to have undercabinet lighting "someday"?

First, he and the sweet boyfriend rip the cabinets off the wall...

Then they cut a hole in the wall...

Then they run wires and patch the wall...

Then they replace the cabinets...

Then the mysterious, camera hating pop wires up the lights. It's amazing how different the countertops look with undercabinet lighting!

Oh, alright, those are new counters too. And hey, I helped install those!

Plus, as of tonight, I have a working kitchen sink again. A nice deep kitchen sink with a really spiffy fixture that cost $0!

Those men of mine have been pampering me quite a bit. I mean, when they aren't making me carry heavy stuff.

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