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Project Privacy

I’m still a terrible food blogger. What can I say? This blog isn’t my first love. My first love is the LiveJournal. Since the poached pear evening, I haven’t done anything amazing in the kitchen. My AC is busted and I’m eating a lot of sandwiches or cooking simple things. I did make a kickass chocolate cake for Sparks and myself this past weekend, but it was just a chocolate cake. Not blog-worthy.

I’ve been doing more crafting though. Mostly decorative things for the cute house. While I have plenty of plans, few things are finished yet. I’ve finished one thing though – Project Privacy.

See, my cute house has like 5 feet of small window panes on either side of the front door. Even with a cute gauzy curtain over them I felt quite exposed if I decided to walk through the living room in my undies. I could see the neighbors, so most likely they could see me. To preserve a wee bit of modesty, I decided to finally have a go at some gallery glass. I’ve been eyeballing Gallery Glass for absolute years, but didn’t have a project that I could use it on. I freely admit to being craftastically ADD and having supplies for projects that I’ve gotten excited about yet never started.

I actually showed some restraint on the Gallery Glass and hadn’t bought any before knowing exactly what I was going to use it for. So, I kept eyeballing the stuff and wanting to do something with it, but never knowing exactly what. Enter the window problem. I was browsing the supplies, unsure exactly WHAT I wanted to do there but knowing that I wanted to do something. Then, inspiration jumped out and slapped me upside the head. The GG folks make “instant leading”, stick on straight lines for those of us who couldn’t draw a straight line to save their lives. Better than that even, they sell a package of stick on leading circles in decreasing sizes! OMG! Dots! And the Yshapop was off and running.

I cleaned the windows first and found that I had a pane of glass MISSING! I know, how do you not know you’ve got glass missing from your window? When there’s plexiglass over the outside and you don’t notice the hole until your hand goes through it. That’s how.

I decided to do a random bubble-like effect with blue, red, and grey dots. Oh, you wouldn’t believe how hard it was for my slightly OCD self to put random dots. I have a need for things to be symmetrical. Of course, I then got all OCD on the randomness, stressing the placement and color choice for each dot. I also had to fight my tendency to “overdo” things. No more than the 3 colors and only 5 dots per pane. I filled in all of the space around the dots with crystal clear GG. It lets in plenty of light, yet makes the window all wavy and textured looking.

Here's the front door of my house, with a cute fat kitty sitting there peeping out at the world. The blue blinds came with the house. They match the rest of the blinds in the living room and I guess they go with the ugly stripey wallpaper over the fireplace.

Oh, how I love my dots! You can see the blank pane there, the landlord has since replaced that pane and it has been finished as well. I'm very happy with the number of dots per pane and the colors. I really was tempted to do more, but I calmed myself down and decided that I could do the window in the kitchen with other colors. That will fulfill my need to put some lime green on the window.

Here's a pic all up close and personal with the windows. No flash so that you can see how well it blocks out images, but still lets in plenty of light.


Oh and yesterday when the landlord was here he told Sparks and I to "feel like the house is yours, do whatever you want to it." OMG! That's my greenlight to poison that shrub that I hate so very much! I thought I might poison it just in case he didn't really mean it. I really do hate that blasted thing!

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