The death of baking

Since I’ve moved, I really don’t bake anymore.

I love my gas stove. Did you know that it is possible to make cook n serve pudding in the span of a commercial break? It always took something like 20 minutes at dad’s house. Needless to say, I’m trying not to keep so much pudding in the house or I eat too much pudding. But I love it so.

But my oven? I HATES it! First, it doesn’t tell me when it’s up to temperature. I’ve had to buy an oven thermometer. Secondly, there’s no light in there, so I have to pull out a flashlight to read the thermometer. The temperature seems to vary by 50 degrees in either direction depending on the moment. It takes almost twice as long to cook things as in Dad’s electric oven. AND my cookie sheets didn’t even fit in there, I had to swap dad for the smaller ones.

Did I mention that I hate that oven? I try to avoid using it when I can, using the toaster oven whenever possible.

Maybe I’ll experiment more with custards and other stovetop desserts. Once I can get myself to lay off the pudding.

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