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Craft catch-up (image heavy)

It's time to finally let you see some of the projects that I've been working on lately.

First off, the socks. I've been using this really neato Red Heart yarn, called Strata. It's especially made to stripe up nicely for things like scarves or socks. The pattern came from them as well, knit dorm socks. This was the project that got started on sock sunday.

< - These are mine. The color name is "confetti".

And these are pop's. His yarn color is called "cascade". His came very close to actually matching up on the stripes. Not so on mine. ->

Then there's the drawer sets that I've been painting. I'll have you know, that I've even sorted all of my junk into them. Hopefully I'll be able to remember what's in what drawer and find things as I need them.

The top drawer on this one isn't quite finished. I sponge painted it with black and brown and gold, adding a row of wooden skull beads that I have a plethora of. I'd like to find some sort of cheap pirate medallion to add to it. Currently this drawer contains a t-shirt which needs some surgery.

The second drawer here is painted with blues and purples, using some swirly shaped sponges. The black trim is some that I had on hand, I'd picked it up for a project at some point and then changed my mind about using it. This drawer has my sewing notions in it - scissors, thread, measuring tape, assorted junk.

The pattern for the bottom drawer here was inspired by a piece of fabric that I had used in a baby quilt and really liked. Then I added that brooch to it that I'd gotten free with purchase someplace and didn't much care for. Brooches just really aren't my style. This one holds general art supplies.

The top two drawers here are empty. The one on the left is painted in a sort of plaid pattern, with a nifty button that I found downstairs glued to it. The button was completely clear, but I filled in the dip in it with paint to match that used for the stripes. The one on the right was inspired by a piece of ribbon that I have.

The middle left was base coated with a baby blue paint and then I glued on lots of blue/white/clear/pearl buttons that I found downstairs leftover from mum's sewing days. This one has my cross stitch stuff inside it.

The middle right one is sponge painted orange and yellow. I glued some hematite star beads to the front of it. It holds my beading supplies.

The bottom left one is basecoated red and the silver is a stencil that I bought for painting my bulletin board. I think I'd rather do something different on the bulletin board now. I had lots of trouble with that stencil. I glued some flattened glass marbles to the front of this drawer, but they disappear. This drawer contains glues, exacto knife, and some general craft stuff.

The bottom right one is simply sponge painted in pink and white. I added a silly looking bow that came attached to a purse that I bought last summer. Of course that bow was immediately removed from the purse, but it looks cute here. This drawer holds ribbon.

This top drawer is covered with a bit of fabric that I love, and a piece of furry trim that I had on hand. It contains my spindle and wool for spinning, which I haven't gotten back to since I went to the spinner's meeting last year. However, I have picked up a book on spinning with a spindle and hope to get back into it.

The second drawer design was inspired from a piece of fabric that I have, but is painted. It contains painting paraphenalia - brushes, sponges, stencils, spouncers.

The third drawer's paint job was a happy accident. I started off by basecoating the drawer in dark orange, covering it with crackle medium and then light yellow paint. It was too plain and I did not like it. So, I thought about putting swirls of the dark orange on it, like a painting that I'd seen someplace online in the last week or so. First the paint was too thick (it was rather old), then it was too thin and it just didn't look to suit me at all. I grabbed up my rag and wiped it off, taking some chunks of the yellow and crackle off with it. I impulsively picked up a bit of paint leftover from my miniature painting days, in a lovely snot green shade. Yes, that was the color name, f'real. Grabbed my teeniest brush and added the swirls. And I love how it turned out. It's holding my paints.

And here's the whole shelf all the way across...

As you can see, I moved my speakers and mounted them on the underside of the shelf. This actually works out well as I can now turn them on or off without having to stand up or move things. Both desks are the cleanest that they've been in quite a while.

I do still want to neaten up the speaker cords and add a couple of hooks to the bottom of the shelf for my cutting mat and quilting rulers.

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