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so it's finished. the quilt that the lady at the fabric store told me that i could not make.

ha! watch me!

it's satins and silks and brocades and velvets and taffeta. i tacked it with vintage buttons and backed it with a black sheet.

14 may 2005



i've been a busy girl lately. a week and a half off work will do that. like i said before, i didn't get everything done that i wanted to do, but i did slide some productivity in with the slugdom.

finally finished the choker that i started before christmas. actually had to restart it 3 times and it required 4 trips to the bead store.

today i popped the end off of it and shortened it up a bit, that took a couple of hours of cussing with short wire.

i also worked on a bracelet today, i'm not sure if it's done or not. i'll figure it out after i wear it once or twice.

please to be ignoring the paint and such on my work table.

besides that, i put up some shelves in my room and painted a new flower pot for my ivy. i think i'll take the ivy to work once i transplant it.

look at my desk/shelf area quick, before it gets all jumbled up. but hey, at least i currently have room to work on some projects.


5 march 2005



baby squishy's quilt...

i think it's one of the most nearly traditional kind of color schemes i've ever chosen. mummy and daddy were very thrilled to receive it :)

next is a very not traditional quilt. and the one i'm working on for me.


9 February 2005



just to share my last finished craft project of 2004 - i give you....

the ugly box


31 December 2004



the sneaky giftmas present was a raging success. now i can post the pics for EVERYONE :)

i made a strongbad for my twin, and he LOVED it!


23 December 2004



i finally finished it up. it only took this long because i've been slacking the last couple of days. but a little nap before dinner does wonders for my energy level.

here's a detail of the border fabric and the binding. i really like that binding, bought it at the wally world.

the green fabrics looked better with the other fabrics under the flourescent lights of the wally world. but i'm still happy with it overall.

and those fingers you see peeking out from behind the quilt belong to the famous pappydoo.


1 December 2004



i have a baby quilt that i must bust ass on. i was informed today that my cousin's baby girl is about to have a baby girl of her very own. seems freaky. i held her when she was a baby and now she's making my cousin a grandma.

however, miss jenjenny is an evil gurl who has declared NO PINK ALLOWED!!! *pout* but i LIKE making pink baby quilts. and besides, i still had enough left over from the pink froggy quilt to do another one. but after a raid on my fabric stash, i think i've found the right fabrics.

space dragons, lime green checks, frogs on scooters, stars, and red swirlies on yellow background. yay! some of those i've been sitting on for quite a while.

this'll probably be a "trip around the world" quilt, because they go quick and i have to have it finished by next weekend. eek! now i'm very grateful for the long weekend. plus this will keep me home and busy and from spending much money this weekend.


4 hours later!! now you know why i love strip quilts....

yup, the top is pieced, just needs a border, but i have to buy fabric for that. and a backing fabric. maybe i'll actually be able to finish it this weekend so that i can get back to the other projects. i dismantled one of them because i wasn't completely happy with it.


25 November 2004



it's finally done. i've been procrastinating on this quilt for ages. but it is finally finished...

wheeee! and yes, this one has a home, i have trouble getting myself to finish one with no recipient in mind, really can't even start one without a purpose. i pick fabrics partly based on who it's for and partly on what i find that i like. this is for a certain little girl due to join this world in another couple of months (miss marin sweetness).

i love that froggy fabric. i have enough leftovers to do another one, but the frog prints are all gone, so i'll have to back it with something else.


8 july 2004


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