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Comfort that doesn’t come from a can

All week long, I've been feeling under the weather. I think I've got some sort of stomach bug. Either that or a combo of GERD, PMS, and depression. It doesn't matter which, I've been feeling crappy and food has not been my friend.

Tonight, I was craving beans. A big hot bowl of pinto bean soup with corn bread. However, that also wasn't quite what I wanted either. But something warm and cozy, like a blanket for my insides. I dug around my pantry and found a bad of "harvest soup" mix that I'd picked up at the Amish market a year or so ago. It's a mixture of various colored lentils and split peas with wild rice.

I put that into my biggest pot with some water and chicken broth. I peeled several cloves of garlic and dropped them in whole and let the whole thing simmer for a bit, throwing in a few herbs and a healthy bit of salt. It tasted ok as it was, but it needed something more. It needed carrots.

So, I got dressed and trudged over to the Kroger. I picked up 3 carrots, 1 parsnip, 1 teeny turnip, 1 large potato and an onion. Brought that home and chopped it into the soup then back to ransacking the pantry for tomatoes. For some reason I thought I had a zillion cans of tomatoes, I found one. And one can of tomato sauce. Put both of those in the soup with a bit more chicken broth and let it cook until the veggies were tender.

I wound up with a lovely root vegetable stew. I ladled it into a bowl and found that it still needed something....

I put a small dollop of leftover garlic yogurt sauce in the center with some parsley. So good I had to eat three bowls!

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