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A lovely dinner!

A bit of foodblogging goodness!

Last night, I lay awake last night obsessing about spaghetti squash. That actually wasn't the only thing I was thinking about. I was thinking about the scallops in the freezer that were beginning to freezerburn. I was also thinking about the fact that I had bacon. Grilled, bacon-wrapped scallops! So, I got up and put those items in the fridge to thaw.

While visiting my hairdresser, we talked about my biking down to the farmer's market and the spaghetti squash I bought there. She asked if I'd be making it with garlic. WHAT? I can do that? Any time I've cooked it before, I filled it with butter and either honey or brown sugar and baked it. Today though, I took the quicker, much more savory, approach. Split the squash in half and cleaned out the seeds. Placed it cut side down on a plate and microwaved for 7 minutes. While that was cooking I started some butter and garlic browning on the stove. When the squash was done, I fluffed it and scooped it into the butter mixture, then stirred in a wee bit of salt.

The green beans came from a can. I just added a spoonful of bacon grease and microwaved them for 4 minutes.

Sparks grilled the skewered scallops and bacon. The one drawback was that they took over twice as long as any of the websites said. This meant that the vegetables were cold by the time we got to them. However, it gave me time to mix up a quick lemon herb sauce.

The first bite of scallop was so yummy that I immediately jumped up and went over to kiss Sparks!

And hey - a picture!

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    So, this is how the Sauta world cooks spaghetti squash. (Do keep in mind, though, this is not for the faint of heart. It is SPICY, but you can modify the heat.)

    So, steam one spaghetti squash, split, spooned out in the microwave, covered with plastics of your choice for 13 minutes. Set aside when done.

    In a saute pan, melt half a stick of butter. Yep, half a stick. Plus a dash of olive oil. Add crushed red pepper flakes(adjust to your liking but don’t skip, they are great), fresh black pepper, and sea salt. Add 4-9 whole garlic cloves. (Be a man, add the nine. They are not as potent whole and make a nice snack once cooked in the butter.) Chop two scallions and saute over medium low heat; we are looking for transparency here, not anything brown. Next, add 1 cup heavy whipping cream. Stir the mixture over low heat until heated through, do not allow the cream to come to a boil or a simmer. Grate on cup of parmesan and grate 1/2 tsp. of nutmeg; add to heated cream and stir until melted. Finish the sauce with 1T. of fresh oregano.
    Use a fork to flake the strings of reserved spaghetti squash into a bowl. Pour cream sauce over the squash and toss. Garnish with more oregano and fresh cracked pepper. This makes a great side for any meat dish.

    ****Roasted tomatoes with rosemary and balsamic are a great addition****

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