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something to fight about

here's something that my pop and i will never agree on. real butter.

i think it makes a world of difference when cooking. especially when paired with heavy cream. he says it doesn't.

yet he also says that i cook much better than him. it's the butter and cream, dooflepie! i've developed a new interest in kraft macaroni and cheese because of it, it tastes so much better this way. fat grams be damned!

tonight's culinary masterpiece: mashed potatoes. yummmmmm. i was in the mood for something simple and comforting, i spent this afternoon helping displaced folks fill out useless paperwork.

of course, pop also said that i ruined the potatoes by using the mixer on them. he likes them super lumpy. of course, this required me to point out that "i didn't make them for you, but you are welcome to eat them."

i swear, that man will drive me crazy some day. if mom doesn't beat him to it.

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