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Ysha is great! Made us chocolate cake!

I love me. I rock the house! But damn it, I forgot to make them sing the song!

This morning, I picked all of the chicken off the carcass from sunday's dinner. I cooked a little rice and mixed in with it, then sauteed up some onions. I dumped in a can each of green chiles and black olives, plus a bunch of cilantro, some chicken broth and part of the leftover chicken gravy. This I mixed with the chicken and rolled them up into tortillas. I took the rest of the gravy and thinned it down a bit with broth and once again added chiles and cilantro. Then I stirred in a scoop of sour cream and poured this over the enchilladas, topping it all with cheese.

I took this down to Salamander's house since they're firing the Locomama (giganto train kiln) today and I knew they'd be hungry. Popped it in the oven to get hot and bubbly. I have now added +1 boyfriend and +1 girlfriend to my harem! Especially since I ALSO brought them chocolate cake! The enchilladas turned out quite great. That right there is why I will make an entire chicken when I will only eat the breast off a roast chicken. The rest of that tasty chicken makes damned tasty enchilladas!

Pop fussed the first time I'd made those around him. Nooooooo, enchilladas must have RED sauce! From a can! Back man! I like my green chickeny sauce on chicken enchilladas. He agreed after he tasted them. He agreed again today since I had enough filling to make our large pan and a small one for him which he picked up this afternoon.

He says "write that one down, man!" Pop alla time calls me "man" and it makes me laugh. But how can I write it down when it's more method than measurement? How much chicken did I use? All of it. Gravy? What I had left. Cilantro? 'Bout yay much. The only amounts I can say for certain are the things that come in cans, that's just because I dump in the whole thing.

And that's how my food turns out best!

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