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Self Heating Latte

Product review time, since I haven't been doing much cooking lately beyond the magical brownies. (My ex thought that they were the best brownies of all time, but they come from a mix. Martha White Chewy Brownies = super easy, super cheap, and damned tasty)

Yesterday, the Lokipie and I were grabbing some groceries when we came across the Wolfgang Puck Lattes in the Self-Heating Can. We almost picked up a four pack, but there was no price on them and when we discovered that they were $2.50 EACH, we decided that curiousity could part us from $5, but not $10. It's a good thing too.

How these work - you turn the can upside down and open the bottom. Then you press the plastic button down, releasing the liquid into the other chemicals in the outer can. This causes a reaction (much like the heat pack in an MRE) which heats the beverage. You then turn it upright and wait 6 or so minutes for the "hot spot" to tell you that it's warm. Then open the top and drink.

Notice I did not say enjoy. I guess that one should not have overly high hopes for a coffee beverage in a can. I tried the caramel and Loki tried the vanilla and we both agreed that they were crap. In my opinion, it tasted much like a watered down bottled frappucino, or like creamora mixed with water and a hint of coffee extract. Where was the caramel flavoring in this?

Overall, I'd say that you were paying for the novelty of the self heating can and the "Wolfgang Puck" name. One would think that I would eventually learn that just because a celebrity chef puts his name on a product does not necessarily mean that it is worthy. If the man served me this product in his restaurant, I'd probably call him a punkassbitch.

My final judgement - get off your butt and walk/drive to the starshmucks, you'll get much better coffee and pay about the same price. Better yet, go to the local non-chain flurfy coffee shop.

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