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How to ruin a diet in under 30 minutes.

More fiddling with pictures. On this one I didn't use the flash and let pshop auto correct the levels. The color is a wee bit off - vanilla ice cream isn't quite that yellowy and the rim on the plate is green. Note on that - those pyrex plates are ones that I've been eating off of for my entire life. My pop rescued them from Nana's garbage can when he and mum were first married. Yes, he's always been "frugal".

Bananas foster cake was a raging success. Much much much tastier than the derby cake and didn't leave me feeling nauseated. Derby cake is going to need quite a bit more experimentation before I'm ready to serve it at a function.

So, I started with the rum cake that I made last night (single 9 inch round). Then I made bananas foster and poured them over the top. I gave it a few minutes to soak into the cake, then served it up with a scoop of ice cream.

Y'know, I had a recipe for bananas foster once, but I haven't seen it for ages. It's become one of those things that I just go all native on now. Rather like when you ask your grandma how to make biscuits (unless it was my nana, whose biscuit recipe began with "get the pillsbury can out of the fridge and whack it against the counter"). I've even found that I can wing it in a pinch.

Tonight I tossed half a stick of butter (yes, real butter) in a skillet with maybe 3/4 cup of brown sugar. Fired up the heat to raging and let it come to a simmer. Then I sliced up 3 super overripe bananas into the mix and let them cook a bit, dropping the heat. The point is to get the bananas nice and done and banana flavor all through the sugar mixture. When the bananas are falling apart, it's done. Then I added a sploosh of vanilla extract and let that cook in. Followed that with a small sploosh of meyer's rum.

For real bananas foster, you are supposed to flambe them. However, I honestly could not tell you when was the last time our stove hood was degreased and I have no desire to set the kitchen on fire. So, I don't.

I should also tell you that, for safety's sake, you should remove the pan from the heat before adding the rum. I never have and it hasn't burst into flames yet. Remind me of that dumbass behavior when I burn my eyebrows off.

So, once the alcohol had cooked off of the rum, I spooned the whole mixture over the rum cake. Holy Jesus H. Christ on a pink polka dotted mini-bike! (I read that in someone's comments recently and it made me giggle, I love the imagery) A wee bit of ice cream on the side and it was absolute cake perfection. I will have a tough time protecting a piece of it from dad long enough for Sparks to get here.

All in all, a definite keeper. I think it might be even better than just plain old bananas foster with ice cream.

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