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If you deep fry it, they will come

I went to Gran's for turkey day, that means that my own turkey had to wait. We cooked it today, just a turkey breast.

Pop rigged us up a safe turkey frying contraption rather like Alton's. And of course, we did that thing that all people do when they deep fry a turkey - we started insanely searching for other things to deep fry. No, we didn't fry any dish towels or anything. We dropped little lumps of dressing into the oil, making the best hush puppies of all time. And then we made fries.

Aw yeah! Although I must say that this is the first time that I can ever recall having ketchup on the plate with my turkey.

We brined the turkey last night and it was wonderfully moist and tender.

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  1. I would love to try deep fried turkey but live in Canada. It is too cold to cook outdoors at Thanksgiving or Christmas, when we usually cook turkey. I think I would only prepare this outdoors as deep frying smells up the house. Deep fried lumps of dressing sound awesome!

    Enjoyed your post.

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