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I will admit to living my life in a quite ostrichlike fashion most of the time. I'm completely out of touch with world events, politics, and most trends. So, I have to ask this:

What exactly is a "trans fat" and why should I care? Is it the new "carb", to be shunned until fads change?

The other night, when I appeared with the nutella cake in hand, I thought that one friend was going to cry. It seems that nutella is just loaded with the trans fats (dur, very few things in life taste THAT good and aren't bad for you!) but he really wanted to try it.

I don't think that I am fat because I eat trans fats, or carbs for that matter. It's because I love food and eat too much of the stuff that is super tasty and super unhealthy. But, hey, you never know, maybe the trans fats are the things keeping me from discovering my super powers. Maybe I could fly without all those trans fats weighing me down.

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