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Burps That Will Fell a Small City

Once again, this summer, I have fallen in love with the almighty Garlic Salad. In order to make an Yshastyle garlic salad, one starts with a bowl of leafy greens. (I use bagged salad, because I'm lazy like that.) Rough chop some mushrooms and toss on the top along with some diced onion. Red onion is especially good, but lately I've been using Vidalia because I have a huge bag of those. Mince a clove or two of garlic (per salad! awwww yeah!) and put that in the bowl. If you are Manicdad, then at this point you add a whole chopped tomato to your bowl, juice and all. Sprinkle with some seasoned salt, a little olive oil, and a healthy bit of lemon juice. "Waller it up" and enjoy. Don't forget to drink the juice in the bottom of the bowl, it'll make you shudder but it's great!

Ah, the burps that ensue after this. Raw garlic! RUN AWAY! I have found that it is superduper gross if you follow up your salad with a dessert of something chocolatey.

I will soon have to pare back my forays into the garlic salad, after too many of them, one starts to smell like a salami. Nice if you work in a deli, not so nice when you have an interview coming up. I've been doing my best to only have them once or twice a week though.

Garlic's healthy, right? Keeps away the cancerous vampire or something.

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