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if i thought it’d make you love me, i’d put soup on a stick

I know, not one peep in almost two months.

Have I stopped cooking? Nope. I've even made a couple of completely scrumptious things. I've just not taken pictures. I guess I'm too lazy to be a good foodblogger.

Did I stop crafting? Nope on that one too. I just haven't taken any pictures of anything. I've only finished a couple of things, but have lots of stuff in the works. Hopefully I'll post one big schmear of pictures later.

Work is sucking my will to live on a daily basis. I've spiraled into a good solid depression again. I go home and don't have energy for much, but I do lose myself in lots of hot baths, good books and the occasional project. I just don't have a thing to say.

Hopefully, I will soon start to pull back out of this.

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