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The Joy of Pi

The Perkiest Man Alive once told me a story about how his grandmother would make a separate pie for each and every member of her family on thanksgiving. When you arrived at her house, there was a table absolutely groaning under the weight of pies, each of them with a name tag beside them. It didn't matter if both you and your cousin liked the same pie, you still each got your own.

Since then I've had a vision in my head of that table full of pies. I would like to make one of those myself. Maybe not one pie for each person, because I like variety and I might want to try some of those other pies (sharing is a must!), but at least one pie per person, with each person's favorite pie being there plus a few extra. Key Lime, Mississippi Mud, Mixed Berry, Pecan, Butterscotch and several others that aren't currently popping into my mind.

So, tell me, what's your favorite kind of pie?

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