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beurre brown

Someone recently left a comment here on one of my old entries, the stuffed bread one. If you search for Enza's, I come up on the first page. Or maybe it was "Enza's stuffed bread". Whatever, I didn't expect that.

Anyway, this prompted me to go back and read through all of my entries here. I guess that's one nice thing about posting so sporadically, it doesn't take long to go through all of the entries.

I realized that I just don't cook like I used to. Is it the meds I'm on? I know I used to have a lot more energy than I do now. Most nights, I'm doing good to make a grilled cheese. Usually I don't even put that much effort into food for myself.

I miss cooking. Add to this the fact that we've gotten disgusted by Friday night dinners out. We don't like to wait and being told it's 90 minutes for a table someplace that has mediocre food just annoys us. So, I'm going to try to make more of an effort to cook. At least on friday nights I can take my time making dinner and it won't matter if we eat at 8pm. Though I'll say that this past Friday's dinner came together very quickly.

Friday afternoon, I had scallops on the brain. While picking up some scallops at the market, I googled a sauce to go with them. I used this recipe for a tarragon beurre blanc. Only I didn't read the directions very well and added the butter too early. This meant that the butter browned and my sauce ended up rather dark colored. However, it was fracking delicious! One other substitution was that I used tarragon vinegar instead of white wine vinegar and fresh tarragon.

I paired the seared scallops with couscous and asparagus. The sauce went well drizzled over the couscous also.

I really don't care for standard couscous. I don't mind the pearl couscous, but I add a lot of butter to it as well. Only with regular couscous it doesn't seem to matter how much extra stuff I add to it, it's always dry. However, the husband likes it, so I make it sometimes. To my tongue though couscous is the most bland food around. I even used a flavored version from a box this time thinking it would be better. I might as well have used the plain stuff for all the difference that it made.

But hey, the scallops and sauce were excellent!

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