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lettuce wraps

I totally and completely adore PF Chang. I could eat there weekly. I don't think that I've had anything there that I didn't like. The local one went through a phase for a while where the spring rolls were overly greasy, but the last couple of times I've been there they'd corrected that.

It wasn't until recently that I tried their lettuce wraps. I'd had them other places and didn't care for them, but theirs were terrific.

Last night, I was hungry (skipped lunch, I do that a lot) and decided to stop by the Kroger and just let inspiration hit. I walked directly in to the produce section and looked around. I was kind of having an urge for a vegetable of some sort. I've been eating a lot of crap this week. There was a lovely little head of bibb lettuce and it told me that it wanted to be a lettuce wrap. I tend to like leafy lettuces more than iceberg. So, I popped on the intertubes and found this recipe. I liked the face that I had all of the ingredients for the sauce, so all I had to pick up were the chicken, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. I used ground chicken instead of chicken breasts and doubled the veggies since I had what I thought was double the meat. I also fried up a few rice noodles, those are scrumdiddlyumptious! Our lettuce wraps were great, Sparks says maybe even better than the ones at PF Chang. We have quite a bit left over, so I'm thinking that I may make some rice this afternoon and have it with the leftover chicken mixture for dinner.

Yesterday, I spent the whole time at work knitting and watching vidoes on the YouTubes since I've figured out how to get there through the fire wall. I finished the first of the January projects. I started the next one while watching The Hobbit (first part) with Sparks last night.

We slept in today until about 12:30 and I've cleaned the kitchen. I'm feelilng pretty good about that. Of course, maybe I shouldn't since I had left all of those dishes sitting for a week. For the rest of the day, maybe I'll play some WoW, I haven't gotten to do that in almost 2 weeks! I was so busy with party prep, the giftmas prep, then giftmas itself and knitting and such that I haven't played since before they connected our realm to another.

There's nothing amazing going on in Yshaville today, I just wanted to share that recipe with you guys. *grins*

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