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“free” time

Last week, for the release of the MAC Venomous Villains collection, Mimi and I took the afternoon off work to go play in makeup. Then, we did a bit of halloween shopping. This is the time of year when I find most of the decor for my house.

While we were at Michael's, I saw some cute clip on bats and ravens. I thought about how awesome it would be when I'm an old lady to clip bats onto my old lady hat. Then I saw this silly vulture. I squeed at how it made me think of Neville's grandmama and how I so needed a hat with a vulture sitting on top of my head looming at everyone.

Thus, an obsession was born. I spent friday and saturday thinking and replaying all of the various stores we'd been in and products I've seen. The teeny bat dingleballs at JoAnn Fabric, all the hats at Halloween Express. On saturday, I made a few quick stops and picked up supplies. Sparks helped me pick out the hat.

Later that afternoon, Blizzard seemed to know that I had a very important project to work on. It flat refused to let me into World of Warcraft. That's my latest time suck. So, while I was denied entrance, I worked on my hat. Once it was complete and resting on my head, I logged in with no problem at all.

I started with the hat, added purple sparkly marabou around the crown. Then I attached one bat dingleball to the tip. Next I attached the vulture to the hat and secured him to it.

I wore that hat all evening saturday and most of sunday. This made this boyfriend laugh every time he looked my way.

I posted this picture on the facespace and someone said "I wish I had that kind of free time." I really like another friend's response to that - "Time spent in creative pursuit is not 'Free time.' It is just as constructive as time spent on technology, non-creative production and analysis." Wow, yes, exactly! Thanks for the beautiful words, Mark!

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