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A completed project, complete with pictures!

I'd been meaning to post pictures of this project for quite some time - it is finally finished. Me being me, I jumped right in and didn't take a before photo. Luckily, the lamp I "upgraded" was one of a pair - Dad has the other. So I was able to pop by his place last night and get a photo of the mate for a pseudo before and after.

I needed one more lamp for my living room. I had a pair of these at dad's house.

They were inherited from my nana, some sort of milkglass lamps with brass trimmings. I decided that it needed a bit more pizazz to punch it up. I started out fiddling around gallery glass. I filled in the dots with red and played around with the idea of putting some black swirlies on it. However, I just couldn't get those to turn out as I wanted. Luckily, gallery glass is very forgiving - a couple of seconds with a fingernail or razorblade and PRESTO back to start. I added a line or two of instant leading (peel and stick). Then I took the whole thing apart and hit the brass parts with a hammered black spray paint. The brass was rather beat up anyway.

The crowning glory, I think, was the black and white stitched lampshade I found via Black & White Delight. I was a little unsure when I put it on there, that it might be too small. But I love it when the light is on.

It's been completely finished for a few weeks, I just finally got the pictures last night. Yeah, I'm a slackass.

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