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introducing… the scrap scarf!

Looky, looky! A finished project! There haven't been many of those around here for a while. Moving really threw my crafting into a standstill, then working too many hours made getting the house together take even longer. But now the house is together enough to live with and I can get back to making things. I missed it something fierce.

The first thing on my list was to finish the neverending scrap scarf. More than a year ago, I got the idea to knit a scarf from leftover bits of yarn. I had a few small balls, but no major amounts. My auntie though, she had tons of leftover yarn. She and my nana had saved every scrap of yarn down to pieces that were only 6 inches long. I decided to knit this longways on circular needles. I cast on (by my mom's old, tail free, cast on method) until I couldn't cram any more stitches on the needles. It would take an hour or two to do a single row. On each end I did a full row of black, but otherwise I just randomly grabbed a color from the bag. If they were short, I used them until they ran out. If they were long, I used them until I got bored of the color.

I don't knit fast, I don't knit daily. But I did knit enough to be sick of this project. I was bored to death with it. So, once it got to be about 5 inches wide long, I finished it. I expected it to be maybe 8 feet long, it's well over 16. It is triple my height, which is 5'6". I decided to mostly leave the ends poking out, just because, though I'd sometimes wrap them up in the next row once I got there.

And here we have it - the scrap scarf!

I don't know if I'll keep it or not. Most likely it'll go in the giveaway bag. Crazily enough, I have enough yarn bits leftover to do a couple more.

As I was finishing this one up, I was already plotting out the next scarf. I started it last night too. I like to knit while watching tv, it keeps my hands busy.

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