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If I’d known you were coming…

For the last few weeks, Tastespotting has been filled with Rainbow Cakes (google them, you'll find a lot of images with great explanations). The colors call to me. I wanted to make my own, especially when I saw someone else make them into cupcakes. Besides, I needed to test out my oven, y'know.

I mixed up an ordinary cake mix. As someone else said, Betty Crocker's been doing it for many more years than me, she knows what she's doing. In this case it was Pillsbury, because they were cheapest. Just a plain white cake mix, done up per package directions.

I split the batter into six ramekins and played around with the food coloring a bit. I went too dark with my purple, it wound up more brown, but it was rather grey and adding more red just made it more brown. I gave up.

You can see there that I haven't even finished taking all the tools out of the kitchen, there's a level on the counter still!

I spooned a little of each batter into paper lined muffin cups, only making 12. I know, this mix should make 24, but I wanted big cupcakes and I only have one muffin pan. If you have more patience than me, you would carefully add the batter to the center and let it spread outward or whatever. I am more slapdash than that. I just randomly blooped it in.

Baked them (at the top end of the baking time since they're super sized) and they came out like this:

You know I couldn't wait for them to cool off before slicing into one.

*squeee* I'll top them with just some cool whip later, because that's what I wanted on them.

It's a plain white cake, it tastes like a plain white cake. It's just more fun.


Chicken a la boom

They say you should learn something every single day. For the most part I do. Today's lesson was, just because it looks like Pyrex, does not mean that it necessarily IS Pyrex.

Earlier today, I had a few minutes to kill and cruised Tastespotting looking for a little inspiration. I haven't cooked anything beyond a fried egg since I moved and I am sick of fast food. I was craving something home cooked and yummy. I saw this recipe and could not stop staring at those beautiful chicken drummies. Plus, it sounded super easy, that's definitely what I'm after on a work night.

I work until 8 pm, so if I want to get home, cook AND eat before 10, it has to be pretty simple.

I prefer white meat over drumsticks, so I picked up a package of breast strips and the makings of a salad. While the chicken was in the oven, I sliced some strawberries for my salad and made a quick strawberry balsamic dressing. When the chicken came out of the oven, I removed them from the baking dish and put it on a burner for the sauce to thicken. The sauce thickened and I poured it over the strips, no problem.

I sat the now empty vessel to the side to cool and turned around to fluff my couscous. And...

BOOM! Glass everywhere!

All of the glass seemed to stay in the area of the stove/floor, so we swept it up and went ahead with dinner. Fairly tasty, but I think next time I should let the chicken marinate in the sauce for a while so it'll soak up some of the flavors.

On a positive note, at least I didn't have to wash that pan.

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When I purchased The Asylum, I declared that it was absolutely perfect as it was, there was no need to change a thing. Um, except this one little thing and that one little thing.

Do you know what happens when you casually mention to my father that you (ok, only if YOU are me, his most precious favorite and only child) would like to have undercabinet lighting "someday"?