Demented Ramblings life is too short to refrain from eating jam out of the jar


Project Privacy

I’m still a terrible food blogger. What can I say? This blog isn’t my first love. My first love is the LiveJournal. Since the poached pear evening, I haven’t done anything amazing in the kitchen. My AC is busted and I’m eating a lot of sandwiches or cooking simple things. I did make a kickass chocolate cake for Sparks and myself this past weekend, but it was just a chocolate cake. Not blog-worthy.

I’ve been doing more crafting though. Mostly decorative things for the cute house. While I have plenty of plans, few things are finished yet. I’ve finished one thing though – Project Privacy.


Experiments with pears

Well, well, now. That was one damned tasty dinner. My camera is still packed away someplace. I shoved all clutter into the spare room and closed the door. Much easier than actually cleaning the house enough to have company.