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RIP meat thermometer!

*sniff* I accidentally killed it dead. And it was such a handy gadget!

How, praytell, did I manage this? Broiling pork tenderloin and touched the thermometer to the element. OOPSIE!

It was a horrid sacrifice, but dinner was yummy enough to make up for it. Broiled pork tenderloin crusted with curried mustard, served with peas, couscous and curried fruit. *droools*

Thanks to my darling Mark Bittmann for the idea! I didn't exactly follow his recipe, but close.

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A surprise to the palate

Sparks and I went away to one of the state park lodges for a couple of days. We were celebrating both Valentine's day and our second anniversary. Being that we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere, the lodge restaurant was the only game in town for acquiring dinner.

Their Valentine's special dinner was a special salad (which we never saw), prime rib, twice baked potatoes, parmesan tomato, and a special dessert. The prime rib was quite overcooked, per both our tastes, but was still tender. It was served with some sauce named for the Louisville chef who created it. It might have been wonderful on ribs, but prime rib needs horseradish. Luckily they accommodated us there. The twice baked potatoes were ok, but tasted like they'd just split the potato and then piled on instant mashed potatoes.

The big surprise of the meal, especially to a non-tomato liking girl, was the parmesan tomato. It was halved and topped with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese then toasted under the broiler. It brought out the sweetness in the tomato and was very tasty. Of course, the two of us being slight food snobs, we discussed how we thought that we could do it better, but it was very tasty.

Dessert was dry cake with way too much royal icing and a quite yummy strawberry.

I wouldn't drive up there just for the dinner, but for being the only option it was quite good.