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A random bit of food porn

I'm currently on a business trip - my first solo excursion longer than a day. I'm actually having a bit of fun exploring Columbus. Tonight, in my wanderings, I came across someplace called Stoney River for dinner. Pricey, but holy shit that was the best steak I've had in a very long time. I went with my waiter's recommendation of the coffee cured tenderloin. *drools* I'm stuffed to the gills right now and it still makes me drool to think about. Dude brought me their "stone puppies". *homer simpson drooly sound* Think teeny yeast roll with poppy seeds in it, deep fried like a doughnut hole and served with honey butter.

I had to ask Tony (my server) how one goes about coffee curing a steak. I'm going to put it here so that I'll remember later. Take triple strength coffee (think french press, not espresso) and lots of salt, mix in brown sugar and molasses, other spices if you like. Put your steak in there and a bunch of ice cubes to bring the temp down way low, then slide it in the fridge. Let it sit 3-4 hours. When you pull one out and check it, it should be tender but not falling apart. If it's falling apart then you've left it too long. Rinse it very well before cooking. They sear it on a griddle so that the sugar pulls out and carmelizes, then slide it into the oven to finish cooking. (it tasted rather like it had some rosemary in the marinade too)

I must try this at home. They served it with lyonaisse (?) potatoes and french green beans. Even though I couldn't finish the dinner, I succumbed to dessert when Tony mentioned the magic words....creme brulee! Ah hellz yeah! My favorite! It was a first for me, cinnamon creme brulee. I still like vanilla better but the cinnamon was damned good.

Perhaps I will find more yummy things to try to recreate at home while I'm on the road this week and next.

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