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Still no time for veranda sitting, but I swear it’s coming!

Tonight I cooked a most excellent dinner. I cooked up my latest farmer's market haul. Green beans, yellow squash, corn - all trucked in of course, it's too early for that stuff to be in season here. I also sliced up a locally grown tomato that Pop said was really good.

In addition to the veggie feast, I made this recipe that I found while cruising the food blogs early sunday morning. So tasty! I'm betting that they'll be excellent cold too, but I'm not positive that they will last long enough to find out.

Then I topped it all off with fresh homemade vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

Normally, I wouldn't buy strawberries that had been shipped in. They usually don't have any flavor. However, as I walked through the farmer's market saturday morning, I caught a whiff of these and decided that I must investigate. I asked the adorable little grandma working the booth if she'd been spraying strawberry perfume in the air to bring me in, she just laughed and said that they tasted every bit as good as they smelled. Boy howdy, was she ever right!

I'm really looking forward to later in the summer when some of my veggies can come from my very own garden.

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A happy accident

Yesterday, I had to work. This is not normal for a Saturday, but it was a special case. Being that I had to be there super early and would not finish before the farmer's market closed, this means that I had to wake up super early to make it to the market before work. After work, I stopped by the garden center and picked up plants before coming home and working in the garden until it was dark last night.

All of this makes for one very tired Ysha. By the time I had showered and was ready to think about dinner, it was almost 10 pm. Obviously, I was too tired to cook the veggies I'd gotten at the market. So, I opted for a tuna sandwich.

I've been playing around a bit with the standard tuna salad that I grew up with - mayonnaise, sweet relish, and tuna. I've begun adding a bit of pepper relish to it and a smattering of herbs. For some reason, completely unclear to the rational side of my brain, I took the lid off of the dill seasoning mix and dumped it in to the bowl, right on top of the tuna.

I couldn't pick it all out, so I just mixed it in (maybe a tablespoon of it?). Truth be told, quite scrumptious. Spread on toast, this was a tasty and simple meal after my day of slaving.

I am now looking forward to many weeks of just sitting on the veranda, sipping lemonade and watching my garden grow. That's how this works, right?


Joy! It is officially spring!

The weather is still horrible. It was raining all day yesterday and must have been about 40 degrees. I was freezing, but braved the ick for opening day of our local farmer's market. I nearly had the place to myself.

As I had expected, most of the produce was trucked in from much further south. However, I did manage to find a few local goodies. Shiitake mushrooms, baby green garlic, hydroponic tomatoes, and a basil plant. Put that all together with a few other items and you get my favorite homemade pizza.

Truth be told, I really don't like tomatoes. I don't hate them as much as I used to, but as a rule I won't eat them. However, mixed with a bit of olive oil, salt, garlic and basil, they become my favorite pizza sauce. And that stuff I could just stand there and eat with a spoon. But I don't because it's too durned tasty on the pizza.

For the last few weeks, I have been getting raw milk from a local source. It is wonderfully tasty and seems to be helping a bit with my weight loss. Today, however, I plan to take my fresh milk and make lovely lovely fresh mozzarella cheese from it. I will try my best to take some actual photos of the process.

In other news, I am attempting to plant a garden this year. I've been spending the last few weeks preparing the soil and hopefully will be able to set out my first plants in a week or two.


I’ll never be a good food blogger

By the time I get finished cooking, I'm always too hungry to remember to get a picture. I tend to remember it when I am looking down at a half eaten dinner.

The menfolk have obviously decided that if they want anything other than a sandwich, they are going to have to start doing the cooking themselves. I'm hoping though that the opening of our local farmer's market this coming saturday will help to bring back my desire to cook and create.

The sweet boyfriend came over on saturday night and cooked for me. We tried out a recipe he'd seen on television that morning which had piqued his interest. Of course, we adjusted it slightly, but not much.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara
1 pound of spaghetti
3 eggs
3/4 grated parmesan cheese
1/2 cup half & half
12 oz. bacon*, cut into small pieces
3 cloves garlic, minced

Boil the spaghetti in salted water. While that is going on fry the bacon and garlic until the bacon is crispy, drain on paper towels. In a large bowl mix eggs, half & half, and parmesan. Scoop hot drained pasta into egg mixture and toss about. Toss in bacon/garlic bits and a goodly amount of pepper.

*the original recipe called for 8 oz, he said that they used a pound on the show. I bought a package of center cut and we used whatever was in the package, I didn't check the weight.

Served it up with a caesar salad and garlic toast. Scrumptious and simple.