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It's funny how a food item can be wonderful one day and crap the next.

Tuesday night I made myself a salad: iceberg lettuce, cheese, mandarin oranges, lemon pepper tuna, homemade croutons, and russian dressing. Nirvana in a bowl.

On thursday, I made practically the same salad. And wound up throwing most of it away because it tasted awful to me. *shrug* I'll never understand the subtle quirks of my own palate.


a little of this, a little of that

Last night I drove home craving salad. I'd asked my pop to pick up a head of lettuce at the store and I had a jar of homemade russian dressing on the counter. I'm still craving that salad, pop can't remember more than one thing at a time without a list. Of course, it's not like I have room to talk, I've needed a new shower curtain for months and keep forgetting it. I'm also the same person who forgot pretzels from one end of WalMart to the other.

So, I get home and there's no lettuce. Yesterday was every single bit a Monday, so I didn't feel like going back out into the world once I'd finally escaped. So, I started throwing things together from the cabinet.

I started off boiling some whole wheat noodles. While those were cooking I looked in the fridge and found the asparagus I'd already forgotten about buying 2 days ago. I grilled the aspargus and chopped it into small pieces. Added a package of garlic & herb tuna, a can of black olives, a roasted red pepper, and some chopped green olives. Topped the whole thing with a little red wine vinegar and olive oil and tossed.

Verdict? Not bad. Not great, but not bad. It fulfilled all of the requirements of a monday night dinner - it wasn't terribly difficult, it was something different, it filled me up, and it didn't make the tummy hurt.

Partly, it was too many different flavors. Maybe next time I will leave out the green olives.


We have GOT to clean out the chest freezer. It's got such big gobs of ice near the top that I can't move the hanging baskets around to really look beneath them. So, this weekend, I am planning to cook that turkey breast that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe I can master Nana's dressing.


The Joy of Pi

The Perkiest Man Alive once told me a story about how his grandmother would make a separate pie for each and every member of her family on thanksgiving. When you arrived at her house, there was a table absolutely groaning under the weight of pies, each of them with a name tag beside them. It didn't matter if both you and your cousin liked the same pie, you still each got your own.

Since then I've had a vision in my head of that table full of pies. I would like to make one of those myself. Maybe not one pie for each person, because I like variety and I might want to try some of those other pies (sharing is a must!), but at least one pie per person, with each person's favorite pie being there plus a few extra. Key Lime, Mississippi Mud, Mixed Berry, Pecan, Butterscotch and several others that aren't currently popping into my mind.

So, tell me, what's your favorite kind of pie?

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Pi R Round

I used to have this officemate who loved key lime pie. Every time he would mention it, I would reply with "I have the best recipe for that..." but never brought him either the recipe or the pie. I've been saying to myself for the past year that I was going to make key lime pie and take him some, but I just haven't done it. I probably haven't made it in 3 years or longer.

Tonight I decided to change that. And, since of course "pies come in twos" as my pop says, I made two of them. One for pop and I to scarf and one for Steve. Sharing a cubicle wall with Mr. Grumpy Pants has made me miss my crazy whistling roomie, the perkiest man alive.

I even remembered to copy down the recipe for him, so that hopefully he can get his wife to make it next time.


something to fight about

here's something that my pop and i will never agree on. real butter.

i think it makes a world of difference when cooking. especially when paired with heavy cream. he says it doesn't.

yet he also says that i cook much better than him. it's the butter and cream, dooflepie! i've developed a new interest in kraft macaroni and cheese because of it, it tastes so much better this way. fat grams be damned!

tonight's culinary masterpiece: mashed potatoes. yummmmmm. i was in the mood for something simple and comforting, i spent this afternoon helping displaced folks fill out useless paperwork.

of course, pop also said that i ruined the potatoes by using the mixer on them. he likes them super lumpy. of course, this required me to point out that "i didn't make them for you, but you are welcome to eat them."

i swear, that man will drive me crazy some day. if mom doesn't beat him to it.


Self Heating Latte

Product review time, since I haven't been doing much cooking lately beyond the magical brownies. (My ex thought that they were the best brownies of all time, but they come from a mix. Martha White Chewy Brownies = super easy, super cheap, and damned tasty)

Yesterday, the Lokipie and I were grabbing some groceries when we came across the Wolfgang Puck Lattes in the Self-Heating Can. We almost picked up a four pack, but there was no price on them and when we discovered that they were $2.50 EACH, we decided that curiousity could part us from $5, but not $10. It's a good thing too.

How these work - you turn the can upside down and open the bottom. Then you press the plastic button down, releasing the liquid into the other chemicals in the outer can. This causes a reaction (much like the heat pack in an MRE) which heats the beverage. You then turn it upright and wait 6 or so minutes for the "hot spot" to tell you that it's warm. Then open the top and drink.

Notice I did not say enjoy. I guess that one should not have overly high hopes for a coffee beverage in a can. I tried the caramel and Loki tried the vanilla and we both agreed that they were crap. In my opinion, it tasted much like a watered down bottled frappucino, or like creamora mixed with water and a hint of coffee extract. Where was the caramel flavoring in this?

Overall, I'd say that you were paying for the novelty of the self heating can and the "Wolfgang Puck" name. One would think that I would eventually learn that just because a celebrity chef puts his name on a product does not necessarily mean that it is worthy. If the man served me this product in his restaurant, I'd probably call him a punkassbitch.

My final judgement - get off your butt and walk/drive to the starshmucks, you'll get much better coffee and pay about the same price. Better yet, go to the local non-chain flurfy coffee shop.


latest project

and a close up so that you can see the fabrics

now i just have to go purchase some fabric to go around the border and on the back, most like either a white or pink solid, but i'll decide for sure when i get paid and go shopping.

yesterday i made the mistake of thinking that i could eat a joe b's breadstick. top that off with pot roast and brownies (chocolate bad to the ysha-tummy) and you wind up with a sick ysha. at 3 i was up hurling, and i'm still feeling like crap. i tried going to work, but since i was still puking, i only stuck it out for 3 hours. now i'm still wishing i were about 2000 miles away from my stomach.


the first finished project of the new blog format

is it weird to make a birthday present for someone you've never met? but then, i guess that's the type of person that i am *shrug* dunno.

it's a messenger bag rather like mine, but pink/red/orangey fur with a gir patch sewed on.

i made it the same way i made mine, but i paid attention to a few of the lessons learned from my bag, so hopefully this one is better.

and it's lined with a purple/black plaid material that i found downstairs. probably left over from something mom made me in my middle school days.

i think that the pocket turned out better on the inside of this one.

do you think a 13 year old who loves gir will like this?

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New Format

Expect lots of changes here as I play around with themes and such. I'd like to get the theme a bit more personalized, but I've just chosen a template for now.

The message boards are still there, no changes there.

I spent the weekend working on a messenger bag and a scarf, refusing to leave the house. Leaving the house = spending money, either in objects purchased or gas. I'll have to go purchase some objects today though, I need clasps for the messenger bag.