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Change of plans

I had planned to spend weekends in January learning to bake bread from scratch and to do it well.  I've done it a few times and it turns out ok, but nothing to praise.  But, like most plans, it had to change.

Sometime just after christmas, I developed a pain in my back.  As the days went on it got worse and began to extend all the way down my right leg, making every step painful.  I finally went to the doctor on tuesday of this week, mainly just to get a referral to my chiropractor (so that the blasted insurance would pay for my chiropractic visit).  The doctor declared that it was most likely sciatica and started talking about surgery for my back and weight loss surgery.  I let him know that I was nowhere near ready to consider gastric bypass.  I like sugar, thanks, and don't want to be poisoned by it everytime I slip up and eat a little.

So, he loaded me up with drugs (including an appetite suppressant), a diet plan (1600 calories a day), and sent me off for x-rays and chiropractor visit.  The chiropractor says that my hip was just out of joint, but even after he put it back the pain has stuck around.  It does seem to be getting a bit better though.  Follow up to that, my xrays looked fine, but I still need to lose some weight.  That was sort of a duh anyway.

The point to all that rambling is that experimentation with bread has been thrown right out.  Instead, I'm searching for healthier meals.  I just read Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat and it has me all fired up to look toward an asian inspired diet plan.  So, tonight, I whipped up an asian feast, then only ate a small amount of it.

It was absolutely lovely, but my camera batteries are dead, so I can not share it with you.  Teeny homemade spring rolls, about as big as a finger; a beefy broth with bean threads; garlic stir fried green beans; brown rice; and a chicken and veggie stir fry that was mostly veggie.

I'm looking forward to more fun with asian cuisine.  I'm hoping to overcome my fear of bonito flakes.  Actually, it's not fear so much as disgust, but maybe I can beat that too.

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I will admit to living my life in a quite ostrichlike fashion most of the time. I'm completely out of touch with world events, politics, and most trends. So, I have to ask this:

What exactly is a "trans fat" and why should I care? Is it the new "carb", to be shunned until fads change?

The other night, when I appeared with the nutella cake in hand, I thought that one friend was going to cry. It seems that nutella is just loaded with the trans fats (dur, very few things in life taste THAT good and aren't bad for you!) but he really wanted to try it.

I don't think that I am fat because I eat trans fats, or carbs for that matter. It's because I love food and eat too much of the stuff that is super tasty and super unhealthy. But, hey, you never know, maybe the trans fats are the things keeping me from discovering my super powers. Maybe I could fly without all those trans fats weighing me down.

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