Demented Ramblings life is too short to refrain from eating jam out of the jar


Not so cold Gazpacho

The other night when I ate the gazpacho straight from the fridge, it made me cold. Tonight, I popped it in the microwave just long enough to knock off the chill. Plus, I dropped a dollop of ricotta in the middle of it, adding a bit of dairy goodness and cutting the acid a bit. Hopefully, it won't cause the reflux to act up too badly.

I've added a new section to my links. I've decided to keep links to the food blogs I've raided for recipes that have actually been used. One should definitely give credit to the folks who help them out.


New Format

Expect lots of changes here as I play around with themes and such. I'd like to get the theme a bit more personalized, but I've just chosen a template for now.

The message boards are still there, no changes there.

I spent the weekend working on a messenger bag and a scarf, refusing to leave the house. Leaving the house = spending money, either in objects purchased or gas. I'll have to go purchase some objects today though, I need clasps for the messenger bag.